A handful of simple ingredients yield tremendous flavor in this gorgeous salad. We took advantage of Louisiana's strawberry bounty and upped the delicious factor with our Oregano Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar.

Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those products that keeps proving itself a winner in dish after dish. Shallot give a mild onion-garlic flavor to this oil making it both delicious and versatile. Check out these Five Ways with Shallot Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of those products where we sometimes wonder: what CAN'T you do with this? This is the number one seller in the store for good reason. It's delicious, versatile and sure to become a mainstay in your cooking. Check out these Five Ways with Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


Avocado Oil often takes customers by surprise, but it's time to make this healthy and delicious workhorse a staple in the kitchen! Avocado Oil boasts many of the health benefits of Olive Oil, but its high smoke point makes it much more versatile. Now, pair that versatility with Blood! That's a match made in culinary heaven.

Chopped Salads are a great salad for a buffet. Just about any vegetable goes as long as they're all cut in about the same size--usually 1/2 inch pieces. The addition of romaine and iceberg lettuce will help maintain the crunch of the salad even after it sits for a while. We combine our...

What happens when our two newest oil and vinegar offerings get together? Deliciousness happens, that's what. Blood Orange Avocado Oil meets Fig Balsamic in an amazingly delicious yet light vinaigrette. We love this on a salad with blue cheese, toasted pecans and...

This refreshing vinaigrette using four different types of citrus juice was given to us by a customer. Jane adapted this recipe from Oprah magazine and uses our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive OilChile de Arbol and Ancho Chile Powder in the mix. This is definitely a different take on a citrus vinaigrette. We love the earthy spiciness the chiles add. You will, too. Thanks Jane!

Red Stick Spice stocks lots of unique flavors, and our Key Lime Avocado Oil definitely fits the bill.

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