Products. Packaging. Re-Purposing.
At Red Stick Spice Company, we do our best to make sustainable decisions.

Whether it's right here at home in Louisiana or across the globe, we work hard to source clean, fair and ethical products that support local farms and artisans. Hibiscus flowers from Baton Rouge-based Lena Farms. Dried, granulated onion and garlic from California farms. Hand-gathered Yaupon from Austin, TX. Louisiana Pecan Oil. Kenyan purple tea. Whether it's close to home or far away, our goal is support hard-working farmers and artisans. 

Our shipping boxes are made of 100% post-consumer, recycled paper. Oh, and those shipping boxes? They're our gift boxes, too. At every turn, we avoid putting a "box in a box." Our boxes are lovely, strong, reusable and most importantly, recyclable. 

In 2013, we made a decision to eliminate gift baskets from our store. Many baskets, especially those for the gift basket industry, are manufactured by vulnerable populations and often end up in donation piles or, worse, landfills. We decided that our products could be beautifully displayed in cardboard, 100% post-consumer, recycled fiber board gift trays. We love these gift trays and all the (re)purposes they serve.
When it comes to recycling, glass poses a problem. The United States is overrun with glass and most recycling centers cannot recycle the glass they receive. Re-purposing and re-using glass is the best way to "recycle" glass. Our brick & mortar store on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge refills olive oil and balsamic bottles for a discounted price. Canning jars, re-purposed spice jars, baby food jars...we love to see them come through the door and refill them with a smile.

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