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We are local. Born and raised.

We love this place and everything it has to offer. That's why we go to the ends of the bayou state to source the best local ingredients we can find. From the farmer that grows our peppers and bay leaves to the lady who makes our pepper jelly and delivers it while it's still warm, we know that the best we can offer is right under our nose.

Red Stick Spice Company captures the delicious, unique flavors of our region. But when they're local, sustainable and support Louisiana food artisansthat's even better.

Home Cooking is our passion.

In South Louisiana, we’re lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of bountiful produce and fresh seafood, and it’s important that it’s seasoned to perfection. We grew up surrounded by cooks who wanted to put only the best dishes on the table each evening. We want to carry on that tradition by bringing the freshest spices and custom blends to your pantry. You’ll find spices from around the globe plus blends and rubs that capture the unique flavors of South Louisiana.

Red Stick Spice Company is a family owned and operated business, offering its customers the personal attention they expect and deserve. After working for years as a caterer in Baton Rouge, we’ve come to understand the local tastes. We set out to source the best spice blends from local chefs, award-winning grill masters, regional farmers—and we blend some of our own.

You can expect the freshest spices and the most flavorful blends to make every meal exceptional.

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