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Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. That’s why Red Stick Spice Company proudly offers more than 50 varieties of award-winning loose tea, with new teas arriving regularly. Choose from black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, and herbal teas to satisfy your palate, and have all the flavors the world has to offer—delivered right to your door.

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Black Tea: Keep It Traditional

Black tea is the variety most of us know. It’s typically the strongest, and has the most caffeine. Perfect iced or hot, and available in countless delicious blends.

Try one of our traditional black teas: Earl Grey, Darjeeling Estate (the “champagne of teas”) or the stout Assam Irish Breakfast Blend. Try the store favorite Earl Grey Crème, with a touch of vanilla and cornflower to complement the signature bergamot.

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Black Teas

Go Green: Mellow & Healthy

Green tea—a great choice for a lightly caffeinated, mellow tea. It’s also a plentiful source of antioxidants, making it a health-friendly indulgence.

We carry over 15 types of green tea, including the ever-popular Japanese Cherry—Sencha with rose petals and cherry essence. Others include Jasmine and Earl Green—a green tea twist on the traditional Earl Grey.

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Oolong Tea: Complex & Distinctive

Oolongs are partially oxidized Chinese teas with a caffeine level between black and green teas and are favorites among tea connoisseurs and wine lovers. Try the sweet and fruity Peach Oolong, stout and woody Wuyi Oolong and the fresh bouquet of Orchid Oolong. If complex and distinctive is what you want, oolong is for you.

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White Tea: Delicate Chinese Bud

The silvery-white strands of white teas are barely oxidized, packing them with the same antioxidants as green teas. White Monkey Picked has refreshing notes of honeysuckle, sage, and chestnut. Or try White Peach with undertones of peach, apricot, and osmanthus flowers.

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White Teas

Herbal Teas: Variety

Herbal teas aren’t from the tea plant, making them naturally caffeine-free—but never flavour-free. What we love about herbal teas is the variety. Try Egyptian Chamomile tea to unwind from a hectic day. Reset your system with Organic Detox. Settle an upset stomach with our house-blended Mint Condition.

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Herbal Blends

Rooibos Tea: Versatility

Made from the African rooibos plant, enjoy this tea any way you like: Iced, hot, with milk, sugar or honey, or plain. It blends well with almost any herb, spice, or dried fruit. Rooibos teas are naturally caffeine-free and plentiful in antioxidants.  Our favorites? Petal Pedal, Raspberry Nectar and Vanilla Berry Truffle to name a few.

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Certified Organic and Fair Trade Selection

Red Stick Spice Co. carries a wide range of USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade teas.

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Organi and Fair Trade logos

Teaware: Teapots, Tea Infusers, and More

Our teaware helps you enjoy the perfect cup of tea. Red Stick Spice Company's line of teaware includes tea pots, tea presses, mugs, and more.

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