Retail Floor Salespeople

Red Stick Spice is always accepting applications. Both weekday and weekend positions become available throughout the year. If you’re looking for part-time work that includes a schedule you can count on week after week, get in touch. Unlike many other retail and foodservice businesses, Red Stick Spice works to establish ongoing schedules that work for you. We have several happy employees who know exactly what their schedule will be week after week. The position includes the following duties:
·       Cashier
·       Customer Service – greeting customers and answering questions
·       Re-stocking the store
·       Receiving shipments
·       Picking & packing online orders

Send your resume to anne@redstickspice.com.

Annual Holiday Work

Red Stick Spice is a great place for college students to spend their holiday! The following positions are available:
·       Production Staff—bottling, filling, inventory stocking
·       Online Order Fulfillment—picking, packing and general support of our online sales
·       Sales Floor—cashiers and customer service

Decisions on holiday staff are made by November 1.

Email a resume to anne@redstickspice.com at any time of the year to set up an interview and secure your position on our staff for the holidays. The holiday season starts Mid November and Ends on January 1.

Digital Marketing Internships

Paid Digital Marketing internships are available on an ongoing basis at Red Stick Spice. This position is for Sophomores or higher who are majoring in the Mass Communications field. A working knowledge of all social media platforms is required as is an ability to take both smartphone and DSLR photographs. Hours are flexible. Work includes:
·       Assisting with photo shoots during scheduled food shoots, cooking classes and events
·       Website edits that work to optimize SEO
·       Copywriting that supports digital marketing

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