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Spices are what we’re about at Red Stick Spice Company. That’s why we’ve started offering our collection of herbs and spices online. Whether you’ve come looking for an expert chef’s advice on capturing the flavors of anywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, or you’re wanting a Louisianan’s nod on your authentic gumbo recipe, Red Stick has what you need.

We carry everything from cinnamon, clove, allspice, and nutmeg, as well as harder-to-find spices like sumac and saffron. If you’re looking for the classic Cajun spices and creole seasonings that helped put Louisiana on the world's food map, if you’re looking for spices from around the world, or if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for other than expert guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

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We go to the ends of the earth for fresh ingredients

Thankfully, that means you don’t have to. We source many of our herbs and spices from South Louisiana farmers and handpick the finest and freshest for the best our region has to offer. When quality is your goal, that’s not enough—some things just don’t grow everywhere, and that’s why we carry herbs and spices brought in from all corners of the globe. Whether that chicken breast is meant to become Creole Baked or Thai Stir-Fry, Red Stick Spice Co. has what you need in stock to make it happen.

To make sure you get the freshest spices, we emphasize quality over quantity. We’d rather have a little of the very best than a lot of the simply average. When a spice isn’t fresh anymore, we don’t sell it, we replace it.

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Red Stick doesn’t just know where to find the spices you need. We also know how to use them. When food is a way of life, your passion for cooking runs deeper than simple sustenance. That’s why we think you should eat to feel alive. And that’s why Red Stick’s owner—and professional chef—Anne Milneck is happy to share her recipes with you, and so are many of our customers who’ve used Red Stick’s spices to create their own culinary masterpieces. You just can’t get that off a shelf.

With all our recipes, you’ll find many of the ingredients you need right at RedStickSpice.com’s online store. When you’re done, you’ll find that fish isn’t “just” fish and pork isn’t “just” pork. Instead you’ll discover that these are just blank canvasses waiting to be made into a masterpiece with the help of our colorful spices.

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So, just what is a spice?

This is a common question. We all know what spices are, but putting that into words can be tough. Some say spices are tropical and herbs temperate. Others say that herbs are the greens of a plant used as seasoning, and spices are any other part, such as the seeds or root. Some plants are both herbs and spices—like Coriander and Dill. Definitions can get muddied, so the easiest way to remember is that a spice is any dried part of a plant used for seasoning.

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