Champagne Pear-Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Champagne Pear-Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Here's a simple combo with really complex results. The tanginess of our Champagne Pear Balsamic meets the smooth, richness of our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive oil. Add some Balsamic Chicken Rub and brown sugar…delectable results. Bread dip or marinate with it. We love it drizzled on a crusty loaf of bread then bake til it's warm and fragrant.


2 Tbl Balsamic Chicken Rub

2 Tbl Champagne Pear Balsamic Vinegar

2 tsp Brown Sugar

1/2 cup Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


In a medium bowl, whisk to combine the Balsamic Chicken Rub, Champagne Pear Balsamic and Brown Sugar. Slowly drizzle in the Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil while whisking constantly. Allow to sit for 15 minutes or more for the flavors to marry. Use for bread dipping or as a marinade.

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