Roast chicken and Sunday supper were just meant to be together. We made a bed of onion and sweet potato in a trusty cast iron pan and set the seasoned bird on top. Ready in about an hour and it will disappear much, much faster.


Sarriette is a nice combo of savory spices that lends a taste of the Mediterranean to chicken, pork and vegetables. We love Brittney's approach with this blend: she used it as both a rub and seasoning for the dredging flour. Clever!


Our friend Lili is a multi-talented food artisan. Her line of Delightful Palate Vinaigrettes are must-have pantry staples. She's also an excellent cooking instructor. You can find Lili in the store teaching hands-on cooking classes. Her energetic yet easy going style makes for a fun and informative cooking class. 


Skewer chicken and vegetables, drizzle with our Roasted Chile Avocado Oil and rub with our Fixin' Chicken Blend...dinner is done! We love the savory, sweet heat of this avocado oil. It's sure to become a pantry staple!


We'd be hard pressed to call this one a recipe. Think of it more of a template, a template of endless possibilities. Drizzle with a flavorful oil like our Jalapeño Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pop in the oven. In less than 45 minutes, dinner is served.


It never hurts to have a few chicken salad in your recipe files. They're great for parties, a quick dinner and pack perfectly into lunch boxes. We love how the Ranch Dressing Blend really makes these simple ingredients sing. 

This dish is a definite winner when it comes to convenience and flavor. It's delicious weeknight staple, just perfect with a side of polenta, pasta or bread for sopping up the delicious, syrupy glaze.

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