Pizza Masterclass

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Join us in the kitchen for this fun and informative class! You'll learn to make the perfect dough along with sauces to create the most magnificent 'Za. 

Join Cara Peterson, Culinary Director at Rocca Pizzeria, for a pizza intensive class. Cara will take you from flour to fully dressed pizzas in this fun class. You'll work with dough, sauce and toppings all while learning the specifics of old-world style Neapolitan pizza. Pizzas will move in and out of our Monogram Hearth Oven. One thousand degrees, y'all. We are not playing around. Each student will learn to stretch, turn and top while the Monogram oven delivers crispy, bubbly pizza.

Do you have a wood-fired or an Ooni oven? While we will be working with a conventional oven in this class, Cara is a wood-fired pizza expert and can answer questions for a better at-home experience. From building the fire to managing the heat to cooking the pizza, she does it most every day at Rocca. Take this class and get answers to all your wood-fired pizza questions!

You'll dine on several pizzas while in the class, plus you'll walk away with a packet of recipes. You ready?

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CLASS TRANSFER POLICY: No Refunds. If you are unable to attend this class, you may request a transfer to move your reservation to another class. However these requests must be received seven (7) working days in advance of the class date. If your request is made after seven (7) working days, we will not be able to accommodate your transfer request. You may, however, pass along your place in this class to another person. Planning and staffing takes place well in advance of each cooking class; therefore, we are unable to offer refunds.

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