Himalayan Salt Slab

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Himalayan Salt Slabs are a creative way of cooking and serving your favorite meals. But they're not just conversation starters. These slabs are excellent conveyors of heat. Place on the grill right when you light it, and once the grill heats, your salt slab will be ready to sear steaks, tuna and even vegetables. On your gas range, place the slab over the burner and allow to heat slowly gradually increasing to high heat. The slabs deliver just the right amount of pure, natural pink Himalayan salt with no additives.

Our two-inch slabs are thicker than most--helps them hold heat longer. Plus they're more durable. With proper care, you'll use your Himalayan salt slab throughout several grilling seasons.

Our Salt slabs are sold with a convenient metal, handled carrying tray. Carrying tray colors vary and include black or silver. Cooking, cleaning and storing instructions are included with your salt tile.

Himalayan Salt Slabs are available in-store only at our Baton Rouge location at 660 Jefferson Hwy.

Sales on Himalayan Salt Slabs are final. We do not offer refunds, returns, exchanges or credits on this product. Himalayan salt is mined from mountain ranges, and the salt is millions of years old. There is no way to guarantee the behavior of this product since it is a natural product. In general, with proper care, the slab should last for many uses. However, we are not responsible for breaks or cracks. All sales are final.

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