Mu Kitchen Scrubbers & Sponges

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Get to know Mu Kitchen's line of scrubbers, sponge cloths and scrub cloths. Thirsty and strong workhorses - these scrubbers, sponges and scrub cloths will keep your kitchen in tip top shape!

Sponge Cloths
For everyday and messy clean-ups, Sponge Cloths replace paper towels. ECO, reusable and highly absorbent. All-natural Sponge Cloth softens when wet and gets surfaces virtually streak-free. It is durable enough to be machine-washable/dry flat. Made of biodegradable earth-friendly 70% cellulose and 30% cotton.

The tough scrubber makes short work of the worst jobs, like baked-on grime. Married to a super-absorbent ridged terry cloth on the front, SCRUBSY® gives you two vital tools in one.

Scrub Sponges
Tough and attractive, these machine-washable Scrub Sponges feature a non-abrasive scrubber backing. Can also be washed in dishwasher top rack.





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