Mu Kitchen Kitchen Towels

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These Mu Kitchen dish towels bring beauty, color and absorbency to your kitchen. The perfect finishing touch for your aesthetic! 100% cotton, thirsty and strong, plus they're oversized for drying lots of dishes, hands and spills. Mu Kitchen towels are hemmed on all sides for durability. Choose from beautiful Jacquard prints, ridged cotton, waffle stripe and classic stripe. 

Jacquard Towels
The drama and soft texture of Jacquard fabric, which incorporates the design into the weave, makes for a long-lasting absorbent towel that stands up to use. Vibrant colors and designs last for years  Measures 20X30


Ridged Towels

High-quality cotton makes these towels soft but tough with woven ridges to increase absorbency. A thirsty kitchen staple in colors that pop. Measures18X28


Classic Stripe Towels
These giant super-soft cotton towels lend a timeless touch to kitchen décor with classic stripes. Oversized and extra absorbent. Measures 20X30


Waffle Terry Towels

A Cook's favorite tool for spills and slops. Our Terry Towel soaks it all up. Available in multiple contemporary patterns and colors. Our take on this classic is generously sized and features thirsty terry on back side and stylish options on front side. Measures 20X30





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