Cilantro Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Bring the fresh, bright flavors of cilantro and lime to all your cooking with this unique extra virgin olive oil. Citrusy cilantro is perfectly balanced with the zing of lime. Give all your southwest dishes and summertime grilling a twist with this oil.

Use Cilantro & Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sauteing chicken for fajitas. Drizzle over squash, zucchini and onions and sear on a cast iron skillet. Pour a little in a bowl of black bean soup. And we love this to dress taco salad.

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We featured this oil in episode 1 of our podcast Smidgen. We used it in our Creamy Cilantro Sauce that accompanies our Peruvian Spatchcock Chicken. Wow and wow! Are you subscribed to Smidgen? If not, do it now on Apple podcasts, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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