French bread sliced baked in a cinnamon-spiced, vanilla-flecked custard then topped with sweet, syrupy strawberries...could a dish get any better? 

Take advantage of strawberry season with this super simple sauce that's an excellent topping for pound cake, ice cream or even oatmeal. Our Coconut White Balsamic adds a tropical flair. Yum!


A handful of simple ingredients yield tremendous flavor in this gorgeous salad. We took advantage of Louisiana's strawberry bounty and upped the delicious factor with our Oregano Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar.

Summer's bounty of fresh local strawberries has us thinking about one thing: cupcakes.

Pepper? On strawberries? Trust us. Pepper is the perfect compliment to summer fruits, especially strawberries. The pepper really brings out the sweetness of the strawberries and you can never go wrong with a little smoke, too. Serve on its own or with a spinach salad with goat cheese.

This recipe came to us from a customer who says that this is her go-to dessert for her ladies card group. She uses our Pomegranate Balsamic which is the perfect compliment to fruit and a rich, creamy component like ice cream--or as in this recipe, mascarpone cheese. She builds it on a narrow serving platter and just hands out spoons. Then they dig in. You can also make this in pretty glasses. Use shot glasses to give everyone just a taste or in white wine glasses for a larger portion. Either way it's a gorgeous presentation.

Here's another recipe in my Aunt Cherie's long list of scrumptious desserts. (You may notice a pattern in my blog posts here...yes, my family has a serious sweet tooth!) I altered this recipe to include a...

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