Gluten Free Roux

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Love gumbo but the wheat flour roux doesn't love you? What's a gluten-intolerant Cajun to do? 

This gluten-free roux was created in Duson, Louisiana--deep in Acadiana. We call it Cajun Country, and they know a thing or two about gumbo and the importance of a proper roux. This amazing gluten-free product comes in two varieties: Corn or Sorghum. Use the corn flour roux for dishes that need a richer, darker roux like round steak and gravy or fricassees. The Sorghum flour-based roux is great for lighter roux-based dishes using chicken or seafood. 

Simply use this product in the same ratio as a traditional roux. 

Gluten-free Corn Roux Ingredients: Corn Flour, Coconut Oil, Xanthum Gum

Gluten-free Sorghum Roux Ingredients: Sorghum Flour, Coconut Oil, Guar Gum

8 & 16 oz jar

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