Crop to Pop Popcorn

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You're on your way to old-fashioned popcorn made on the stove with love just like you used to do! Stove-top popcorn is just like that strange satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap...except you get to eat it and it's delicious. It doesn't get much better.

Oh wait, it does get better! Crop to Pop Popping corn is grown in Tribbett, MS. You can trace the journey of this fine product from the field directly to your stove. Instructions included for stove top or popcorn popper use.

Try with a drizzle of any of our flavored olive oils or a sprinkle of one of our delicious popcorn blends such as Spicy Snacktime, Sweet and Salty, and Savory Onion and Garlic!

Contains 2 pounds popcorn kernels.

Suggested Recipes:

Shichimi Togarashi Popcorn

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