Denicola's Meal Mixes

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Denicola's Meal Mixes make suppertime easy! Choose from South Louisiana style Gumbo, Jambalaya, Pastalaya, Bisque, Dirty Rice and Etouffee. These quick and simple meal mixes are a weeknight solution and can be prepared with or without meat.

We love the Bisque and Etouffee with a pound of shrimp or crawfish. Slice some sausage or pull a rotisserie chicken and add to the Jambalaya, Pastalaya or Dirty Rice. Add in your favorite smoked sausage to the Gumbo mix for a big pot of comfort! Simple and delicious!

Each mix serves 4-6 depending the on the amount of protein added. 

Pastalaya, Jambalaya, Dirty Rice: 6 oz packet
Bisque, Etouffee, Gumbo: 4.4 oz packet
Weights pictured on the packets have changed. The current net weight of the product is listed above.

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