Cookie Vanilla Extract

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Cookie Vanilla is made from Tahitian Vanilla Beans. Tahitian beans (Vanilla tahitensis) are one of the three main varieties of vanilla beans, alongside Madagascar (Vanilla planifolia) and Mexican (Vanilla planifolia) beans. Cultivated on the islands of Tahiti, these vanilla beans are known for their unique flavor profile, aroma and appearance.

Longer, thinner Tahitian beans, with their sweet, floral aroma, are prized for their rich fruity and slightly spicy flavor profile - Tahitian beans are particularly well-suited for use in desserts and confections.

Cookie Vanilla is a Pure Extract made from Tahitian Vanilla Beans with 35% alcohol. Its unique flavor profile lends a slightly sweeter essence when compared to Pure Madagascar Vanilla or Pure Mexican Vanilla. We love this delicate extract in both uncooked, cold foods like frostings and ice cream.

We get lots of questions about the differences between Pure, Natural and Traditional Vanilla.In order for an extract to be labeled "Pure," per FDA guidelines, it must contain 35% alcohol. Vanilla beans are percolated in alcohol and the result is a strong extract. Pure Extracts are best for baking, as the alcohol helps the flavor hold at high heat. 

Here's our favorite way to use it: Cookies! That's why we named it Cookie Vanilla Extract. It's our go-to extract for a big batch of chocolate chip, sugar cookies, shortbread or just about any cookie. 

Ready for a pro tip? Pair up extracts - we learned this from a pastry chef, and we do it in every baking recipe. Pair up Cookie Vanilla with Almond Extract for almond forward cakes and cookies. Pair up Cookie Extract with Chocolate Extract for big-time chocolate oomph. The one-two punch of extracts really enhance the flavors. Trust us - it's our Teaching Kitchen trick that we repeat time and again! 

4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol, Tahitian Vanilla Beans

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