Traditional Vanilla Extract

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Finally, after years of requests, Traditional Mexican Vanilla is here! We turned to the experts at Blue Cattle Trading to supply with the best extract in Mexico. Produced by the Canosa family in Mexico. This vanilla has been winning awards for 30 years!

So, next onto the big question: Pureversus Traditional. What gives?

The primary difference between Traditional and Pure extracts is the amount of alcohol. By law, extracts labeled "Pure" must contain 35% alcohol. Pure Extracts are important in baking - the alcohol content is necessary so that the extract can hold its flavor in high temps. Traditional Mexican Vanilla contains 10% alcohol plus 1% Vanillin. Naturally-occurring Vanillin give the extract a smooth texture and helps hold the flavor.

Because of the low alcohol content, Traditional Vanilla has more versatility. Use it in pancake batter, smoothies, whipped cream, oatmeal or cocktails. Pour it right in!

Looking for Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract? Find it here!

Ingredients: Vanilla Bean Extractive in Purified Water, 10% Alcohol, Less than 1% Vanillin (for consistency)

Suggested Recipes: 

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Timut Hot Chocolate

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Vanilla Reishi Breakfast Smoothie

Five Dollar Milkshake

Vanilla Maple Cashew Cream

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