Pure Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla beans from the Bourbon Islands of Madagascar go into making this Pure Vanilla Extract. The result is the very best vanilla possible - a vanilla that is rich, complex and intense. Use this extract in dessert recipes to add deep layers of warm vanilla flavor. Vanilla Extract is boosts chocolate flavor in any chocolate recipe, giving your desserts that "wow" factor. Try it in ourBread Pudding with Rum Sauce!

Pure vanilla extract is made by steeping vanilla beans in a solution of alcohol and water. The process involves slitting the vanilla beans lengthwise to expose the seeds. Over time, the alcohol extracts the flavor compounds, resulting in a rich and aromatic extract. 

We get lots of questions about the differences between Pure, Natural and Traditional Vanilla.In order for an extract to be labeled "Pure," per FDA guidelines, it must contain 35% alcohol. Vanilla beans are percolated in alcohol and the result is a strong extract. Pure Extracts are best for baking, as the alcohol helps the flavor hold at high heat. 

Here's a pastry chef secret: Pair up extracts. It's our favorite pro tip, and we do it in every baking recipe. We always pair up Pure Almond Extract with Pure Vanilla Extract. Here's the thing - you can pair up any extract with Pure Vanilla Extract. The one-two punch of extracts really enhance flavors. Trust us - it's our Teaching Kitchen trick that we repeat time and again! 

4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, and select Madagascar vanilla beans.There is no bourbon in this extract. 

Did you catch the episode of our podcast Smidgen where we used this product in our Salted Dark Chocolate Cake? Mark this recipe as your new chocolate fix. Be sure to subscribe to Smidgen at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

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