Pure Almond Extract

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Pure Almond Extract delivers bold and impressive almond decadence. The signature flavor in wedding cakes, Pure Almond Extract is a must for creating petit fours, buttercream frostings and cookies.

To make Pure Almond Extract, roasted almonds are crushed then soaked and steeped in grain alcohol to infuse the rich almond flavor. The infusion ages several months for the flavors and aromas to develop and intensify. The concentrated liquid extract is combined with bitter almond oil to heighten the flavor. Pure Almond Extract is a best seller among customers and staff.

Here's a pastry chef secret: Pair up extracts. It's our favorite pro tip, and we do it in every baking recipe. Pair up Pure Almond Extract with Pure Vanilla Extract or Lemon Extract . The one-two punch of extracts really enhance flavors. Trust us - it's our Teaching Kitchen trick that we repeat time and again! 

4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol, Oil of Bitter Almond, Water

Suggested Recipes:

Lemon Shortbread
Delicate Almond Cake
Cocoon Cookies
Cardamom Coffee Cake
Blueberry Galette
Butter Spritz Cookies
Peach Cobbler
Tarta de Santiago
Biscoff Semifreddo

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