Pure Almond Extract

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Our Pure Almond Extract is produced with the same care as our Pure Vanilla Extract. Its bold and impressive taste is the signature flavor in wedding cakes, and a must-have for petit four, buttercream frostings and cookies. We love how Almond Extract plays alongside other flavors--like Lemon! Try it in ourLemon Shortbread with Hibiscus Glaze. Yum!

4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol, Oil of Bitter Almond, Water

Suggested Recipes:

Delicate Almond Cake

Cocoon Cookies

Cardamom Coffee Cake

Blueberry Galette

Butter Spritz Cookies

Peach Cobbler

Tarta de Santiago

Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Croissant

Biscoff Semifreddo

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