Pure Vanilla Puree

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Often referred to as Vanilla Bean Paste, Pure Vanilla Puree is made with whole Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, vanilla extract and sugar syrup. Vanilla Puree is thicker than Pure Vanilla Extract and can be used one-for-one just like extract in baking. 

Vanilla bean paste is made by blending vanilla bean seeds and vanilla extract with a thick sugar syrup. The vanilla beans are split open, and the seeds are scraped out and mixed with the syrup to create a thick, aromatic paste. This paste retains the speckled appearance of the vanilla seeds. Pure Vanilla Puree is thick and sugary sweet.

We lean into Pure Vanilla Puree for non-cooked recipes like buttercream, glazes and whipped cream. It's also a great choice for custard, pudding and creme brulee. It will give your homemade gelato and ice cream those "little black specks" from the vanilla beans. 

4 oz bottle
IngredientsWater, sugar, alcohol, select vanilla beans, glycerin, Xanthan gum, and caramel color.


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