Star Anise- Whole

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Whole Star Anise, with its distinctive and beautiful eight points, originates from the Illicium verum tree which is native to China and Vietnam. It has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Star anise, both whole and ground, is commonly used in Asian cuisines, particularly Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian. You'll find it in sweet and savory dishes including soups, stews, stir fry, marinades and desserts. 

Star Anise is a spice commonly used in Asian cuisine for its distinct flavor.  An essential ingredient in Chinese Five Spice Blend, Star Anise's distinct licorice flavor has become popular in baking through the use of Pure Anise Extract.

Be sure to read our blog: Understanding Spices - Anise & Star Anise. Here are more ways to use Whole Star Anise:
Chinese Braised Pork Belly (Dongpo Pork): Whole star anise is a key ingredient in this traditional Chinese dish, providing rich, aromatic flavor to the braising liquid.

Vietnamese Pho: Whole star anise is used in the broth for pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. It adds depth of flavor and a warm, aromatic quality to the broth. Make your own Pho seasoning or grab our What's Pho Dinner.

Mulled Wine or Cider: Whole star anise can be added to mulled wine or cider along with other warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, and citrus peel. Make your own Mulling Spices or grab ours!

Poached Pears: Whole Star Anise can be added to the poaching liquid for pears, along with other spices like cinnamon and cloves, for a fragrant and flavorful dessert.

When using whole star anise, it's important to remember that it is quite potent, so a little goes a long way. It's typically added to dishes whole and removed before serving.

Want more licorice-rich anise flavor? Check out our Pure Anise Extract and Ground Star Anise Seed.

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