Pure Anise Extract

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Pure Anise Extract is made from the oil of the exotic Star Anise spice. Use this extract to add a licorice flavor to your dishes. Pure Anise Extract can also take the place of anise seed in recipes. 

To make Pure Anise Extract, star anise are crushed then soaked and steeped in grain alcohol to infuse the vibrant flavor. The infusion ages several months for the flavors and aromas to develop and intensify. The extraction is filtered to create an outstanding baking ingredient that's a must for so many desserts.

Use Pure Anise Extract in Italian Biscotti, traditional Italian cookies perfect for dipping in coffee. Soft and chewy anise cookies will get a boost from Pure Anise Extract. Give yeast breads an Eastern European twist with the addition of this extract. And don't forget the cocktails. Create Sambuca cookies with Pure Anise Extract for an after-dinner digestif. 

Here's a pastry chef secret: Pair up extracts. It's our favorite pro tip, and we do it in every baking recipe. Pair up Pure Anise Extract withPure Vanilla Extract or Almond Extract . The one-two punch of extracts really enhance flavors. Trust us - it's our Teaching Kitchen trick that we repeat time and again! 

4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Oil of Star Anise, Water

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