Day 4 - Five Day Thanksgiving Countdown


Happy 4 days until Thanksgiving. Today: Shake and store a vinaigrette; cook your cranberry sauce; infuse a cardamom simple syrup. Hint: you’ll use the simple syrup for whipped cream later on with an amazing pie we’re going to make in a few days.

Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving

Vinaigrette for Thanksgiving

  • Include this wonderful Pomegranate Salad with Carrots and Blue Cheese in your Thanksgiving menu. Make the salad ON Thanksgiving; make the dressing today.
  • This is a shake-n-store vinaigrette: pour all the ingredients in a jar; shake with vigor; pop in the fridge; DONE.
  • Vinaigrette recipe here along with the salad recipe. 

Steep Cardamom Simple Syrup

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