Green Cardamom Pods, Whole

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Cardamom (Elettria Cardamomum) is native to India and has a fresh green color and pungent, aromatic flavor. Cardamom is found in curries, Chai tea and many African and Asian spice mixes like Arabic Seven Spice and Chinese Five Spice. Cardamom also is used in Scandinavian sweet dishes, such as coffee cakes, pastries. Chewing on Cardamom Pods can calm an upset stomach while sweetening the breath.

The basic preparation of cardamom involves removing the seeds from the pod and grinding them. You cn also place crushed pods & seeds in a cheesecloth bag for tea infusions.

Suggested Recipes:

Aromatic Spiced Rice

Curried Chicken Salad

Honey Simple Syrup

Appletini with Cardamom Simple Syrup

Use Cardamom in this delicious dish we made on our podcast Smidgen!

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