Paprika - Spanish Sweet

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Spanish sweet paprika, also known as pimentón dulce, is a type of ground pepper made from sweet, mild red peppers (Capsicum annuum). A staple ingredient in Spanish cuisine, we love this paprika and grab it often as our "go-to, everyday" Paprika. Use it to add vibrant color and sweet, rich flavor to your cooking. 

Here are the key characteristics of Spanish Sweet Paprika:

Flavor: Spanish sweet paprika has a mild, sweet, and slightly fruity flavor with subtle smoky notes. "Sweet" means not hot.

Color: Deep read color adds vibrant hues to dishes.

Uses: Spanish Sweet Paprika is used in a wide range of Spanish dishes, including paella, chorizo and Papas Bravas. Sprinkle it on as a garnish for a pop of color.

Overall, Spanish sweet paprika is a versatile spice that adds depth and complexity to dishes while imparting a mild, sweet flavor. It is an essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine and is also popular in many other culinary traditions around the world.

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