Paprika-Smoked Sweet

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Paprika is made by first drying and then grinding Red Peppers (Pimientos) into a fine powder. The unique flavor of smoked Paprika is created by drying the peppers in an oak wood oven.

Sweet Smoked Paprika is a lovely product that lends rich color to your favorite dishes. It's a must for grilling. But you're going to find you love it in so many dishes! We love it on fish and shrimp--especially in combination with our Blood Orange Avocado Oil. The citrus in combination with the smoky flavor is divine! Try it in our Smoky Corn Soup...feeds and crowd and tastes magnificent!

Did you catch the episode of our podcast Smidgen where we used this product in our Smoky Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice? Forget simmering beans all day. The Instant Pot will have you to a creamy pot of beans in under an hour! Be sure to subscribe to Smidgen at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts!

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