Garlic Jalapeno Oil & Blend Gift Box

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Give the gift of flavor with our Garlic Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Spice Blend Gift Box. Our staff curates each box and expertly pairs hand-blended spice blends to compliment the oil. Popular spice blend choices for Garlic Jalapeno Extra Virgin Oil include Baja Fish Taco Blend, Taco Tuesday, Barbacoa and more. Each box is unique, and rest assured, these gift boxes make mealtime possibilities limitless.

Red Stick Spice features over 100 Spice Blends, and we call them the "heart and soul" of our little gourmet grocery store. Paired with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, these gift boxes equate to countless flavor combinations and endless mealtime opportunities. This makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Weddings, housewarmings, can't go wrong.

Two Gift Box Configurations to Choose From:
Oil + 3 Spice Blend Tins
Oil + 2 Spice Blend Jars.
All boxes include recipe cards and a QR code that heads right to our Recipes - over 700 recipes!

Our gift boxes are crafted from post-consumer recycled materials. They're durable, beautiful and shippable! When you purchase a gift box for shopping, it ships right in that box. We don't place a box in a box. The shipping label affixes directly to this lovely box to reduce shipping materials and waste.

Orders of 3 or more boxes require 2 days additional processing time.





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