Dark Chocolate Balsamic

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What happens when luscious dark chocolate combines with rich aged balsamic vinegar? Magic happens. This vinegar is a must for chocolate and balsamic lovers alike.

This balsamic pours out in a thick drizzle that's perfect for salads, ice cream and fruit. Use it to garnish a chocolate martini. Drizzle it over fresh, ripe strawberries. Add a twist to the traditional tomato basil caprese salad with this vinegar. Serve it with honey sweetened goat cheese and lightly toasted baguette. 

Here's another tip: our Dark Chocolate Balsamic loves to work in unison with a smoked chile powder. We love it on steaks alongside our Smoked Sweetor Hot Paprika, Smoked Tomato Blend and Coffee BBQ Rub. Even better, customer Rene reported that 1/4 cup of Dark Chocolate Balsamic with ground venison completely eliminated the gaminess in her meatloaf. Sounds like great solution for burgers and meatballs, too!

Love your Dark Chocolate Balsamic so much that you ran out? Bring your bottle back to the shop and we will refill it at a discounted price!


 Check out our Instant Snack video featuring our Dark Chocolate Balsamic:

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