Chocolate and Chicory Tea

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Chocolate & Chicory Tea is a chicory-based blend with cacao nibs, cinnamon, rooibos and dandelion root. This herbal infusion contains trace caffeine while also brewing up a rich, dark cup of tea that is reminiscent of coffee. This low-caffeine alternative is perfect for those working to make the transition from coffee to tea.

Chicory root is often incorrectly cited as a caffeine source. Chicory contains no caffeine. Historically, chicory has been added to coffee in efforts to bulk up the brew and lower costs. Originally roasted and used in Holland, chicory was used a complete replacement in France as Napoleon put efforts in place to make the country entirely self reliant. Chicory is used today in New Orleans coffee blends. Café Au Lait's generous glug of hot milk and generous addition of sugar helps to tamp the bitterness of chicory root.

Herbal Tea. Trace Caffeine. Steep a heaping teaspoon 1-3 minutes.

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