Roasted Garlic and Wild Mushroom Blend

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Experience the rich and bold flavors of Roasted Garlic and Wild Mushroom Blend! The perfect combination of roasted garlic and wild mushrooms to create a delicious umami oomph. Indulge in the big, bold flavors of this unique blend.

Try this rich and versatile blend anywhere you're looking for savory mushroom goodness. Try it on roast chicken. Stir it into mashed potatoes. Use it to make garlic bread or naan. We love it sprinkled on pizza and pasta. It's great as a dip, too! Mix with sour cream or greek yogurt and serve it up with chips or crackers. 

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Ingredients: Salt, dried shitake, dried porcini, dried champignon, garlic, tomato, chiles, paprika, onion, miso (soybeans, rice, asperfillus orzae,) balsamic vinegar powder, lemon. Contains soy.

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Suggested Recipes:

Mushroom Marsala Sauce

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