Tea for Every Mood

We love tea. It gives us all the feels. We especially love that tea and herbal botanicals can address a myriad of feelings and moods including aches, insomnia and lack of focus. While no tea is a cure-all, adding tea to your daily physical and mental wellness routine is a good idea. At its most basic, tea is an excellent source of hydration. When you start to look at how botanicals have been used for generations in cultures throughout the world, the benefits of tea gets more complex and interesting. Here's an exploration of some of our staff's favorite beneficial teas:

Focus Green Tea-We blend green tea with rosemary, skullcap, guayusa and hawthorne. These botanicals are used in several cultures to help with anxiety and memory. Get through your next project with Focus Tea! 

Fais Do Do Herbal Tea-Sleepytime tea is Chamomile's claim to fame. We combined this powerful flower with mint and Rooibos which are both known for their calming properties. Night night.

Happy Green Tea-One of our top three sellers for good reason: it's DELICIOUS! Guayusa is known as the happiness botanical for its energizing and mood elevating properties. Apple, raspberry and hibiscus are along for the ride in this tea that is guaranteed to make you smile.

Hangover GreenTea
-While you may need this tea for obvious reasons, store owner Anne and her daughter Emma drink it for migraines. The moderate amount of caffeine from green tea has been shown to make analgesics more effective. Kudzu root, common in Chinese medicine, has been shown to reduce the frequency of cluster headaches.

Hazelnut Creme Herbal Tea-Like dessert in a cup, Hazelnut Tea is a nightcap like no other. The rich, nutty aroma and pleasant flavor are an excellent choice for nighttime sipping. Rooibos and Honeybush come with a long, long list of benefits including their ability to calm the senses as bedtime approaches. 

Clari-Tea Mate-Get up and get going with Clari-Tea. We blend energizing Mate with caffeine-rich black tea for a invigorating cup that's a great morning cup-o-go! Citrus gives this tea excellent zing and makes it delicious hot or iced.

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