This dish scores big points for flavor, ease and show stopping good looks. Sweet shrimp play alongside the smoky andouille and umami-rich mushrooms. Make the polenta the day before and give them a quick dredge and sear to serve as the base for the rich topping.


Frittata is essentially a crustless quiche. This Italian staple is completely customizable, incredibly easy and totally delicious. Turn to this dish when planning your next brunch, then wait for the accolades. 


This recipe makes use of pantry staples along with our Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 18 Year Aged Balsamic for sweetness at the end. We finished it off with sautéed mushroom and Wild Porcini Salt. This is a must for mushroom lovers!

Pita, mushrooms, cheese. That pretty much sums up this recipe. We used wild chanterelles to top this, but the possibilities are endless. Keep these ingredients on hand (pita freeze well), and you'll have a fun, customizable project for kids. Teens can do this on their own for a snack or a meal, and maybe you'll get dinner out of the deal!

Are you turning to the same spice combinations meal after meal? Then it's time to up the umami. Our fifth taste, umami, is the rich flavor that comes from soy, beef and and mushrooms! Our four...

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