Blackberry Pepper Jelly

Posted on December 04, 2019 by Anne Milneck | 3 comments

Despite the trepidation we hear from customers about canning, making your own jams and jellies is easy. We explored the tools, tips and tricks with Grinning Jupiter Jammery's Ashley Andermann on our podcast Smidgen. Ashley is a Baton Rouge-based food artisan, and we feature her jams, jellies, pickles and syrups in our shop and online. Her signature fabric-lined jars are a favorite among customers. Ashley also teaches our Canning Classes in the shop.  

Makes 15-16 4-oz jars

1 cup chopped peppers (3/4 bell pepper & ¼ jalapeno)
1 cup blackberries (fresh or frozen)
1 ½ cup apple cider vinegar
6 cups of sugar
2 (3oz) package of liquid pectin 

First, finely mince peppers. Combine peppers, blackberries, vinegar, and sugar. Bring to a rolling boil for 1 minute while frequently stirring. Add pectin and bring back to a rolling boil for 1 minute while constantly stirring. Skim off foam. Pour into prepared jar leaving a ¼ inch headspace. Seal with lids and place in water canner. Boil for 5 minutes.

Listen to Anne & Ashley cook this recipe on Season 2, Episode 4 of Smidgen:




3 Responses

Mary from NOLA
Mary from NOLA

March 22, 2020

Hi, Anne. I use low sugar powdered pectin, How would I substitute that in this recipe? Thanks and have a great evening.


December 11, 2019

Trudie, this recipe makes about 15-16 4-oz jars

Trudie Lewis
Trudie Lewis

December 11, 2019

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I can’t wait to try it. How many jars will this recipe make?

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