Why We're Spatchcocking Our Turkey this Year

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Spatchcock your Thanksgiving turkey
for gorgeous crispy skin and juicy turkey meat. Smidgen host Anne Milneck of Red Stick Spice Company details on this episode why everyone should consider taking a note out of Kenji Lopez-Alt’s book (or podcast appearance) and spatchcocking this year’s Thanksgiving turkey. What do you get?
  •           CRISPY, crispy golden lovely delicious skin
  •          Plump, juicy turkey (NO dry bird—you’re not relying on all the great Thanksgiving sides to carry the meal. Enjoy the bird, too!)
  •          Relatively quick cooking time (a 14-16 lbs in 90 minutes, OH YEAH!)

Anne explains why this year is a perfect time to try this technique and have wow results for your family and other Thanksgiving guests.

What’s the best way to cook turkey this Thanksgiving?

There’s a step-by-step guide on the Red Stick Spice Company website showing how to spatchcock your Thanksgiving turkey here: https://blog.redstickspice.com/why-we-are-spatchcocking-our-turkey/

Anne recommends several spice blends to try on your turkey when spatchcocking and a variety of salts:

- This is the time of year to try Gobble Gobble Blend: https://www.redstickspice.com/products/gobble-gobble-blend

- Italian Herb Blend: https://www.redstickspice.com/products/italian-seasoning

- When you dry brine, use our Dry Brine Blend: https://www.redstickspice.com/products/dry-brine

- Customer favorite Butcher Salt is also a great choice: https://www.redstickspice.com/products/sea-salts-products-butcher-salt

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- Anne recommends the countdown to Thanksgiving method, covered previously on Smidgen. Want to know how to prepare? Listen to these short, technique-packed episodes: 5 Days before T-Day; 4 days; 3 days, 2 days; 1 day until Thanksgiving. What do you think of this sequence? 

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