7 Halloween Recipes for Spooky Fun

Boo! Halloween is a fun and special time for Smidgen host Anne Milneck and Red Stick Spice Company. Anne likes to go big with costumes, decorations, and Halloween festivities! You can too—even at this date, you can pull together a delightful and delicious Halloween celebration for friends and neighbors. On this episode, 7 Halloween recipes that are easy and can feed a crowd. Spooky root beer, sheet pan nachos, pumpkin soup, mummy-wrapped baked brie, sloppy joes, ogre-green matcha popcorn, witch’s fingers cookies are sure to amaze your favorite fiends (er, or friends.)

What is a good Halloween party menu?

- Spooky Halloween root beer:  https://blog.redstickspice.com/recipe/spooky-halloween-rootbeer/

- Matcha popcorn:  https://blog.redstickspice.com/recipe/matcha-popcorn/

- Feed-a-crowd smoky sloppy joes:  https://blog.redstickspice.com/recipe/smoky-sloppy-joes/

- Listen to the episode to hear how to make mummy wrapped brie; witches’ fingers cookies; and check out Anne’sblog for 7 Recipes for a Halloween Block Party.

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