Smidgen Season 2, Episode 001: How to Use Spices, Part 1

Red Stick Spice Company recently certified as a Milk Street Cooking Classes Partner Location. Milk Street is a media company all about home cooking, founded by Christopher Kimball. Milk Street Education Director Rosie Gill joins us on Smidgen to talk recipes, techniques and spices.

Whether you’re a staunch recipe follower or more of an improv cook, Rosie offers great tips for bringing full flavor to all your meals. After the interview, Anne heads to the kitchen with Lili Courtney to cook up Crispy Chickpeas, Two Ways.

Here’s a list of the links we mentioned in the podcast:

  • Anne and Lili chat about all the ways this dish makes for an excellent accompaniment to a cheese board, a crispy topping on a salad or a great way to garnish hummus.
  • We fried the chickpeas in our All Natural Avocado Oil. Avocado oil is a great choice for its neutral flavor profile and high smoke point. Avocado Oil is your friend when it comes to high heat cooking like grilling, stir frying and cast iron cooking.
  • Lili seasoned hers with Garlic Maple Rub. We love this blend for so many things: sweet root vegetables, Thanksgiving turkey, weeknight chicken and more. 
  • Anne went for the heat with our Berbere Spice. Berbere, aka Ethiopian Chicken Rub, packs flavor and heat. The notes from the fenugreek make this blend very craveable. Try it in a pot of lentils. It's fantastic on our Berbere Chicken. It does wonders for a pan of spiced Pecans!
  • Learn more about Milk Street here. If you're traveling to Boston, check out a Milk Street Cooking Class. Browse all of Milk Street's partner locations so that you can enjoy a Milk Street class no matter where your travels take you.
  • We took Rosie's list of essential spices (with Anne's addition of onion and garlic) and created The Essential Spice Starter Kit. This kit is a must for anyone curious about using spices.
  • If you're spice-curious and in the Baton Rouge area, our 60 Minute Spice Master class is a must for you. Just one hour to full spice transformation!


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