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Did we fall out of love with the Instant Pot? How long has it been since you’ve used your Instant Pot? Anne Milneck (Chef, Smidgen host, INSTANT POT USER and owner of Red Stick Spice Company) thinks it’s time to revisit your Instant Pot and give this multi-purpose tool a glow up.  The Instant Pot is so good at what it does… with a few considerations (that Anne goes over in this episode. Spoiler alert: the Instant Pot can be your meal prep secret weapon. More in the episode.)

Three brand new recipes are featured in this episode for you to try in your Instant Pot. Anne brings one trending recipe; one rice recipe; one meal-prep friendly bean dish—all ready to be made in your Instant Pot. This episode is going to help you fall back in love with your Instant Pot AND provide you some outstanding meals, too.

Recipes and Products Mentioned on the Episode

- Everyone’s talking about them: Birria Tacos—made in the Instant Pot:

Instant Pot Basmati Jeweled Rice

- Emma’s Instant Pot Refried Beans

- Here’s the Atlantic article that gave Anne some insight with what’s happened to the Instant Pot business:

- Are you trying some meats in your Instant Pot? Try Red Stick Spice Company’s Cuban spice rub:

- Anne made the Basmati Jeweled Rice with the harissa paste from New York Shuk:

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