Smidgen Podcast | Three New Sheet Pan Suppers

At Red Stick Spice Company, we love sheet pans. We teach sheet pan classes; we sell sheet pans. Most important: we use sheet pans all the time to make marvelous meals at home.

Anne Milneck (Chef, Smidgen host, sheet pan cheerleader and owner of Red Stick Spice Company) says we can’t really call sheet pan suppers a trend anymore—simply because sheet pan cooking is so ubiquitous and helpful to the home cook. In this episode, Anne shares new recipes and new techniques that you can start using right away to make your sheet pan cooking better than ever.

Whether you are a sheet pan fan or if you’ve ever wanted to try out some sheet pan suppers to make your weeknight meal planning faster and easier, this episode has something for every cook.

Recipes and Products Mentioned on the Episode

- See the line of USA Pans at Red Stick Spice Company:

- Here’s the scoop cookie sheet Anne talked about and the adorable eighth sheet pan Catherine was irrationally enchanted by

- Read the Milk Street article Anne mentioned, hilariously titled, How to Make a Sheet Pan Meal that Won’t Bore You to Tears:

- Anne has a new blog post detailing the new recipes and the new techniques for sheet pan cooking. Read it here: Three New Sheet Pan Suppers

- Anne talks about three new Sheet Pan Recipes with new tips and tricks for re-inventing the Sheet Pan Supper:
Sheet Pan Drumsticks with Garam Masala
French Mustard Pork Tenderloin Sheet Pan Supper
Sausage & Peppers Sheet Pan Supper

- Garam Masala is a must for India-inspired cooking:

- Want more Smidgen sheet pan supper inspo? The very first sheet pan episode is here; 4 Sheet Pan Suppers You Haven’t Tried. Also: slab grilled cheese fans, rejoice: listen to this episode here.

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