How Do You Appreciate a Good Tea? SoGo Tea Bar


Tea is tasted through an activity called cupping, where tea is sipped at various temperatures and is assessed for color, aroma, and finally taste. One aspect of experiencing tea in this way is having a particular vocabulary of vivid words to describe the way the tea looks, smells, and its flavor. That vocabulary comes from daily practice—which means lots and lots of trying tea.

On this episode of Smidgen, host Anne Milneck (a self-described perpetual student of tea) is joined by wine professional Lauren Luquet (Luquet Wine Co.) and coffee professional Dominick Blanda (City Roots Coffee Bar) to tase milk oolong, courtesy of  SoGo Tea Bar. Lauren and Dominick have that vocabulary for wine and coffee—how can their perspective help us appreciate tea more, and get excited for the adventure that can be found in a lovely cup of tea?

SoGo Tea Bar is located just inside of Red Stick Spice Company in Mid City, Baton Rouge.  SoGo is a must-visit stop in Baton Rouge, and the knowledgeable SoGo baristas are ready to get you to a tea you’ll love.  

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