5 Pantry Staples to Stock Right Now

Your pantry is your secret weapon. In this season premiere episode of Smidgen, Anne Milneck shares 5 new pantry staples she is loving right now—each item is a gem you should discover and is chock full of meal inspiration. From a rich (adorably packaged) mayo to a protein-packed rice to a roasty toasty Ginger Garlic Toasted Sesame Oil (made just for Red Stick Spice Company!) plus others—you’re going to love hearing about each of these items and how they can make your mealtimes even better.

Included in the episode: Anne walks you through Spicy Beef Pan Fried Dumplings, featuring Ginger Garlic Toasted Sesame Oil—delicious lil’ dumplings everyone can make.

Mentioned on the show:

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Anne Milneck | Red Stick Spice Company

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