Pure Peppermint Extract

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Peppermint extract offers a refreshing and fun minty flavor. A popular flavor for cookies, brownies and candies - especially during the holidays - this extract is perfect for hot beverages, too. Hot chocolate and peppermint mochas...just a few drops, and you'll add a burst of mint to a variety of sweet treats.

To make Pure Peppermint Extract, peppermint leaves are crushed then soaked and steeped in grain alcohol to infuse the bright minty flavor. The infusion ages several months for the flavors and aromas to develop and intensify. The concentrated liquid extract is combined with peppermint oil to heighten the flavor. Pure Peppermint Extract flies off the shelves - especially during the holidays.

Ready for a pro baking tip? Pair up extracts. A pastry chef taught us this trick, and we repeat it in every baking recipe. Pair up Pure Peppermint Extract withPure Vanilla Extract or Chocolate Extract . The one-two punch of extracts really enhance flavors. Trust us - it's our Teaching Kitchen trick that we repeat time and again! 

Just the thing you need for minty holiday goodies! Pure Peppermint Extract is a great choice for peppermint hot chocolate or making homemade liqueurs.

4 oz Bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Triple-distilled Oil of Peppermint, Water

Suggested Recipes:

Salted Dark Chocolate Slow Cooker Fondue
Peppermint Bark
Peppermint Brownie Christmas Trees

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