Anise Seed - Whole

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Anise Seed comes from the Pimpinella anisum plant, native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. This small, grey-ish brown, elongated seed has a distinct licorice flavor and is commonly usedin European and Mediterranean baking, pickling, soups and stews. 

Be sure to read our blog: Understanding Spices - Anise & Star Anise. Here are more ways to use Anise Seed:

Italian Biscotti: Anise seed adds a subtle licorice flavor to these classic Italian cookies, complementing the almonds and citrus zest.

Anise Seed Bread or Biscuits: Incorporate anise seed into homemade bread or biscuit dough for a fragrant and flavorful loaf or pan of biscuits.

Greek Tiropita: Anise seed can be added to the filling of tiropita, a traditional Greek cheese pie, for a unique twist on this savory pastry.

Moroccan Tagine: Anise seed is often found in spice blends for Moroccan tagine, adding depth of flavor to this slow-cooked stew.

Pickled Vegetables: Anise seed can be included in pickling brines for vegetables like cucumbers, carrots or beets, adding a subtle hint of licorice flavor.

Anise seed is often confused with Star Anise. While they both contribute a similar flavor profile, they are not interchangeable due to the differences in their potency, with Star Anise being quite potent.

Ingredients: Anise Seed

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