Holiday Lookbook 2020

Practical gifts. I’m known for them. Perhaps not so exciting when the paper, ribbon and tissue are torn away, but long-term, I know those useful gifts are appreciated. My kids can count on socks in their stockings and cast iron pots in packages. I get a few groans and eye rolls on Christmas day, but I know they love them. Moms know.

Practicality does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be downright delicious! When it comes to the gifts you’ll find at Red Stick Spice, we are here to make the practical quite the presentation. We love helping customers think outside the big-box stores to create meaningful gifts full of flavor. We have carefully stocked quality, long-lasting tools for equipping kitchens – these are the same tools we use in our teaching kitchen and our homes. These tried-and-true tools pair perfectly with our oils, vinegars and signature products. Watch as we gather just the right artisanal foods to create gift baskets and boxes that are both meaningful and long lasting. Tell us a little about your gift recipient, and we will create the perfect gift.

Visit us this holiday season. Red Stick Spice is where practicality meets deliciousness.

Anne Milneck 
Tireless Champion of Home Cooks



Anne Milneck, Chef & Food Stylist
Alannah Moreau, Chef
Raegan Labat, Photographer
Chelsey L. Blankenship, Editor






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