Cinnamon Extract

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Vietnamese Cinnamon is revered by pastry chefs for good reason: it's high oil content means it delivers the boldest flavor. This bold flavor definitely comes through in this Cinnamon Extract!

To make Pure Extracts, ingredients are crushed then soaked and steeped in grain alcohol to infuse full flavors - in this case, crushed cinnamon sticks. The infusion ages several months for the flavors and aromas to develop and intensify. The extraction is strained to create an outstanding baking ingredient that delivers big, bold cinnamon flavor.

Use this product in the glaze for your next batch of cinnamon rolls, and don't forget to add it to the dough! Add a little to a batch of snickerdoodle dough. Make this your go-to extract for spice cakes and muffins. 

Ready for a pro tip? Pair up extracts - we learned this from a pastry chef, and we do it in every baking recipe. Pair up Cinnamon Extract with Pure Maple Extract or  Pure Vanilla Extract. The one-two punch of extracts really enhance the flavors. Trust us - it's our Teaching Kitchen trick that we repeat time and again! 

Ingredients: Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Cinnamon Oil, Water

4 oz Bottle

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