All About Trick or Treat Tea

For years, I've wanted to get a candy corn tea on the shelves. Try as I might, those little corns just sink to the bottom of the jar. So I ate them. And went back to the drawing board. I also charged our lead tea blender Sophia with the task of capturing all the flavors of the season. Get ready for a cup of tea that is like reaching into a trick-or-treat bag for a handful of sweet fun.

Sophia combined chocolate, caramel, vanilla and a little spice - basically this tea is like a successful haul after a night of trick-or-treating. It's sweet and smooth. I love it with a little milk and sweetener.

I steep Trick or Treat Tea for 3 minutes in very hot, near boiling water. It delivers a moderate amount of caffeine, and I've been enjoying it in place of my morning coffee.

No costumes necessary. Come by for some Trick or Treat tea!

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