With holiday season upon us, you'll likely find yourself with houseguests to feed. Consider oatmeal (yes, oatmeal!) as a way to feed a crowd. 

Red Stick Spice store owner Anne Milneck served many years as her daughter's Girl Scout leader. Anne credited her stellar leadership for the troop's longevity, but her co-leader quickly corrected her. "It's not you. It's the marshmallows."

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pecan Praline Topping

Amy recently joined the Red Stick Spice staff, and we're a lot better for it. Amy is a talented home cook and an even more talented baker. While you're in store, talk with Amy about baking. She has great baking tips. Be sure to ask...

My husband grabbed a cookie from the dessert tray at my daughter's open house and groaned, "Ugh. Raisins." We're not looking to get into a raisin-vs-non raisin cookie debate...

Horticulturist Tanya Bankston treated us to these cookies during her visit to the store to talk about growing herbs. She suggested adding lemon basil to the mix of herbs in your garden because it's especially fragrant and lends itself to a variety of sweet and savory dishes. These cookies are a great example--they're light, full of flavor and the recipe makes a ton of cookies!

Monkey Bread is a sleepover staple in our house. Nothing quiets a table full of teenagers like warm, cinnamon-y goodness. It's also a fairly simple recipe that kids can help prepare--making it a great choice for Mom on Mother's Day.

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