We love this quick trick for making rice, or any grain, something special. The addition of Lemon Lime Salmon Rub and our Key Lime Avocado Oil lends excellent flavor and brightness to a pot of rice. 
Store staffer Elen stepped out of her spicy-heat comfort zone and took our Barbacoa Blend for a test drive. She was pleasantly surprised by this not-so-spicy blend's Caribbean flair. It's our favorite for fish tacos, so when Elen used it on scallops, it made total sense. 

Grilled Romaine 

Crisp, cold romaine lettuce gets a quick sear on a blazing hot grill and results in a smoky flavor while retaining the green's cool crunch. Comes together in a snap for weeknight supper, but pretty enough for a party.

Street Bowl Recipe 

This citrus and garlic packed "almost vegetarian" street bowl. Quick sautéed shrimp with our savory-citrusy Cilantro & Lime Pepper pair up with Barley with Shallot and Mushrooms. 

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