A galette is a free-form pie of sorts that's perfectly suited for those of us who aren't proficient when it comes to pastry. These little fruit-filled, ginger studded desserts come together quickly and are proven crowd pleasers. 


Our resident mixologist has been at it again. Lori crated this refreshing libation that's spiced with ginger and cloves--the perfect accent to the apples.  and apple. This one speaks to the flavors of fall. In lieu of the obligatory bottle of wine, bring this as a hostess gift...a warm, welcoming thank you.


This recipe is from our friend and blogger Theresa over at Outlander Kitchen. Theresa is from the tiny island of Pender, B.C. The recipe is entitled Ginger Biscuits, but since around these parts a biscuit is what's eaten at breakfast with butter and jelly, we reworked the recipe name. Here's how she describes these goodies: "soft cake-like cookies spiced with ginger and cinnamon and studded with little bursts of salt." Um…yes, please. Sounds like the perfect cookie!


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